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Many people involved in this project have expressed a desire to move to the final location on a permanent or limited basis. In order to do so, it will require them to either obtain a visa or citizenship in the chosen nation. The issues surrounding this need to be addressed before a final plan for the island is settled or we could find ourselves preparing for a full time population of 300, but when the time comes, only 4 fulfill the requirements of residency by law.

Each country's visa and citizenship laws are different and many vary depending on what country from which the immigrant originates. Some require a certain amount of cash or investment, some require that you have a sponsored job or are attending a university and some will require the immigrant to give up all other citizenships held. Below are brief overviews of several of the most popular countries visa and immigration requirements.





Citizens of the U.K. and most of Europe (and many other countries) do not require a visa, and can enter Brazil with just a passport. They may stay up to 6 months per year.


  • U.S. and Canadian citizens are required to have a visa to enter Brazil. The visa costs $130.00 USD and is valid for 5 years. The visa allows stays of up to 6 months per year.


The PhilippinesEdit


  • No tourist visa is needed for visitors who hold passports in the UK, Australisa, USA, Canada and other EU. Visits limited to 20 says
  • Tourist visas are required for any other nationality. Visits limited to 20 days
  • How can aliens (non-visa required nationals admitted for 21 days) extend their stay in the Philippines beyond 21 days?
Aliens admitted under E.O. 408 (non-visa required nationals admitted for 21 days) may extend their stay in the Philippines beyond 21 days by applying for a visa waiver at his nearest Immigration Office before the expiration of the 21-day period. This will entitle him to stay in the country for more than 59 days, he should secure extension of stay and register with the Bureau of Immigration, and pay the necessary Immigration fees.
  • What is the maximum extension of stay that can be granted?
Foreigners holding temporary visitors visa pursuant to Philippine Immigration Act of 1940 and aliens admitted under E.O. 408 may extend their stay in the Philippines every 2 months for a total stay of 16 months. Extension of stay after16 months, up to 24 months need the approval of the Chief of the Immigration Regulation Division. Extension of stay after 24 months need the approval of the Commissioner. (MCL Memorandum dated 31 July 2007)


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